Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm a coward.
But i'm not the only one.
When you make a status,blog post, tumblr, note ,whatever, about someone, you say it to get your point across.
But you would never ever say it to their faces.
Well i'm not going to do that anymore.
I'm only going to say that stuff I could say to that person.
What I hate even more, are people who pretend to be friends with people,
when they hate them. I have no friends like that. I love all of them.
I would never pretend to trust them or anything like that.
I'm a real person,
I don't hide my feelings,
If i'm freaking angry, i'm gonna say it.
If i'm wrong, i'll admit it.
But the people that can't..
they are also cowards.
The worse kind.


  1. funny thing is.. if you actually were in my life these past 2 weeks. you would know that my post isnt about you.

    good day

  2. funny thing is.. if you were in mine, you'd know that this isn't about you.
    good day to you too dear.

    ps. it could be though, consedering your talking to me on my blog. if you weren't gonna talk to me, why the heck would you do it on my blog?