Saturday, October 2, 2010


Glee helps me feel better.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm a coward.
But i'm not the only one.
When you make a status,blog post, tumblr, note ,whatever, about someone, you say it to get your point across.
But you would never ever say it to their faces.
Well i'm not going to do that anymore.
I'm only going to say that stuff I could say to that person.
What I hate even more, are people who pretend to be friends with people,
when they hate them. I have no friends like that. I love all of them.
I would never pretend to trust them or anything like that.
I'm a real person,
I don't hide my feelings,
If i'm freaking angry, i'm gonna say it.
If i'm wrong, i'll admit it.
But the people that can't..
they are also cowards.
The worse kind.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Current Obsession.

I mean who isn't obssesed?
I love coldplay, always have.
But at the moment, i'm legitly ( is that a word?) obssesed.
Songs i've been replaying non-stop?

Fix You
Green Eyes
The Scientist
Violet Hill
Lovers in Japan
Bittersweet Symphony

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am so sorry I haven't blogged.
Thank you for all of those who subscribe and comment!
I haven't blogged lately because school started, and i'm a choral major & in IB.
this is my schedual.

Monday- school, no lunch - Concer Chior. School ends- I stay till 6 because of my Choral Major.
Tuesday- School, no lunch- Vocal jazz. School ends- I stay till 6.30 because of Musical Theater. (GREASE BABY!)
Wednsday- School, no lunch, Concert Chior. School ends. Finally get to go home! not- Singing lessons at the Manitoba Conservatory of Music.
Thursday- School, no lunch, Vocal Jazz. School ends- Musical Theater untill 6.30
Friday- School, no lunch- Concert Choir. School ends. FREE DAY! :)
Saturday- Piano lessons + Theory.
Sunday- Family day + Homework.

Mind you that i'm in full IB. ( International Baccalaureate, Like AP.) So I have homework EVERY single day, and not just normal homework, it's the kind of homework that makes you want to kill everything insight.

I just felt like sharing my pain with all of you, I apoligize.

ps. It's not that I don't want to do all of this, because I love keeping myself busy. It really makes me feel like I am working hard towards a great future. All of my  extra curricular activities I had to audtion for so it makes me happy to know that I'm good at something. I don't want it to sound like i'm bragging because i'm not. I'm not saying i'm the greatest, it just makes me feel like I have a talent, even if it's not good. I love it.

p.p.s I'm so tired.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I know summer isn't officialy over untill September 21st but still.. school is startin next week so it pretty much is... even though I don't have a favorite season, I do love summer. I love all seasons except for spring. Goodbye to staying out way later then my parents would like to know, the beach, my bathing suit, everyday with my friends, shorts. Good-bye too sunny skies and warm blue water. Good-bye to the birds and just goodbye to feeling free.

wave good bye..
However, It's time to say Hello to my favorite holidays!
I just love how Halloween will always take me back to my favorite childhood memories, the tree house Halloween specials. I perfer them over Christmas ones. I love candy, carvin pumpkins, dressing up. I love scary things I don't know why. It just gives me a thrill. Halloween truly is an amazing holiday. It's as fun for children as it is for us teens.

I love Christmas because of the cheerful feeling it gives me and how happy everyone is. I love watching my brothers eye's sparkle when he see's Santa and his elves at the mall. I love remembering thats exactly how I was. Christmas has it's own special magic. I love the music they play when i'm shopping with my family. I love how they decorate The Bay. ( The Hudson Bay Company is a department store sort of like Macy's.) I love how the snow decorates the entire city. It's just beautiful.

Last but not least ...

Do I really need to explain this one?
September 21st